Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Global Warming Not Meeting Desired Expectations

Computer modelling used a decade ago to predict how quickly global average temperatures would rise may have forecast too much warming, a study has found....
The study, published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience, does not play down the threat which climate change has to the environment, and maintains that major reductions in emissions must be attained.
But the findings indicate the danger may not be as acute as was previously thought.
Myles Allen, professor of geosystem science at the University of Oxford and one of the study’s authors told The Times: “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models. We haven’t seen that in the observations.”
Caught with their pants down.

Is This Self-Awareness or Death Rattle?

9/18/17 Daily Mail:
American physician assistants are being enticed over to the United Kingdom amid staffing shortages - with promises of long vacations in Europe.Physician associates, medical professionals who assist doctors in making a diagnosis and analyzing test results, train for two years, roughly a quarter of the training of a doctor. 

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Monday, September 18, 2017

This Joke is Becoming Tiresome


Clinton is considering challenging the legitimacy of the election because of Russia.  Even there were some truth to the Russia fantasy,  what provision of the Constitution applies?  What clause requires foreign governments not influence our elections.  Would this apply retroactively to the Chinese involvement in the 1996 election?  Right after the election,  like Gore tried to do in 2000 would have been disappointing,  but now?  She is raising sore loserdom to new levels.

Always Fun Watching Democrats Self-Destruct


DREAMERS disrupt Pelosi press conference.   Not Cruz or Trump,  but their strongest ally.

Why Do I Imagine a Walking Base 8 Computer?

9/17/17 Daily Mail:
Non-binary Georgia Tech student, 21, is shot dead by campus police after 'refusing to stop approaching officers while carrying small knife'
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Shouting "shoot me," suggests suicide by cop.   Tragedy, but "non-binary" is a weird choice for "gender confused."

I Had a Good Laugh

Shocking: Politicians Keeps Campaign Promise

9/14/17 Dallas Morning News:
ICE agents are detaining many more unauthorized immigrants than were arrested by this time last year, and North Texas has been a leader in those efforts.
Arrests have increased about 43 percent nationwide since President Donald Trump took office after promising a tough crackdown on illegal immigration.
ICE’s acting director, Thomas Homan, has said that “there was no population off the table,” and the width and breadth of ICE detentions have proved he’s keeping his word.As recently as January, ICE efforts were primarily focused on removing immigrants who were convicted of  crimes. More recently, people who fled violence and who are awaiting the outcome of asylum cases have been detained. There have also been cases in which unauthorized immigrants who agreed to provide guardianship for newly arrived immigrant children have been detained.
Of course, enforcing our laws, is just  doing his job.