Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tater is Again Misbehaving

I thought we had the urination issue solved.  Apparently not.  Very frustrating.

More Evidence That People Who Believe in Nothing Can Believe in Anything

1/24/17 Vice about how the War in Iraq was really about getting access to a stargate:
For those of you not in the know, according to Hollywood, stargates are ancient alien devices that can allow any user to teleport instantaneously to another gate, no matter the distance—which, when you think of it, is super duper cool.
Yes, leftover from the Sumerians.

And the example I sometimes use for my students of why any random website may not be trustworthy:
From the flat earth to 9-11, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing False FlagsLearning about the flat earth is just the beginning of really knowing what is going on in the world. If you already know about other conspiracies and what certain corporations and governments are doing to you, then you are well head of the rest. If the flat earth is the first thing you’ve learned that tells you we have been lied, too, then there is a lot more to learn.
When you tell others about what is really going on in the world, it’s good to start where it’s easy to show the proof of what “our” government is doing to us. An example would be what happened on 9-11. Since there is a lot of videos you can show, people can’t argue with that. For example, the destruction of building #7, which was not hit by a plane; a building that fell on its own “foot print” does not occur just because a plane hit another building!
Yes, the Christian Flat Earth Ministry!

More Winning: Health Care

New proposed Trump administration regulations aim to make how much hospitals charge patients more transparent—a continuation of federal Obama era initiatives to pull the curtain back on the notoriously opaque American health care system by making hospital service charges easily available online. But, as with the Obama administration efforts, questions remain on just how useful the hospital pricing information will be for average U.S. consumers.
The proposal from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is part of its annual guidance for Medicare, the gigantic federal program that covers millions upon millions of elderly and disabled Americans. Its purpose is ambitious: To nudge American health care to more quality care and away from the fee-for-service model that rewards conducting more tests and services.
This is a darn good idea.  When  I had my aortic valve replaced, I asked the paperwork clerk what this was going to cost. "About $120,000."  I was already in a gown, and on a bed, so I wasn't going shopping.  But when this was billed to Blue Cross, it became $4000.  The whole "For your insurer, it is a tiny fraction of our cash pay price," is just nonsense.  The huge discount drives up the price of uninsured patients.

Can We Get One More Quirky Idea into This Suit?

4/25/18 Charlotte Observer:
One of North Carolina's most notorious all-male prisons is the focus of a court fight over religious liberty led by a transgender witch.
Jennifer Ann Jasmaine says in her handwritten, federal lawsuit that Lanesboro Correctional Institution is blocking the practice of her spiritual beliefs, which happen to be rooted in witchcraft.
I'm waiting for the "I'm following the path of my Aztec ancestors.  Can I have an obsidian knife, a pyramid, and some POWs?"

Some of My Gay, Atheist, Progressives Acquaintances Are Going to Be Rethinking...

their enthusiasm for this guy.  4/25/18 Daily Mail:
Pope Francis has praised exorcisms as a 'way to fight against evil' and 'escape from the power of sin' in a controversial weekly address.
The pontiff, in an impassioned speech in St Peter's Square in Rome, urged Christians to 'drive out evil' and emphasised the importance of baptism in order to exorcise demons.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another NRA Hater

But Reinking exhibited signs of being paranoid and delusional that manifested in his infatuation with Swift, Det. Sgt. Rob Martellaro noted in a report of his conversation with Sustrich.
Sustrich said Reinking told his coworkers that he bought Swift a $14,000 ring and was going to marry her. But he also said that Swift harassed him.
Another coworker told police that Reinking said Swift was hacking his bank accounts. Rocky Mountain Crane employee John Turley also said that Reinking told him he was gay, which confused everyone because he also said he was going to marry Swift, the police report states.
Turley said he knew Reinking had two rifles and two pistols. He also said he knew he had “mental issues,” according to the report. Reinking disliked the government and the National Rifle Association and he believed he was a sovereign citizen, Turley told police.

Something to Think About

Both Texas and California became part of the United States because American-Mexicans (immigrants from America to Mexico) had divided loyalties and preferred being Americans.