Wednesday, March 29, 2017

North Korea

I get a bit of survivalist email focused on EMP and nuclear war, which I generally ignore because it seems unlikely.  So imagine my surprise to read this 3/29/17 The Hill article by R. James Woolsey and a lesser known public official asserting that North Korea probably has the capability to deliver fission and possibly fusion bombs on the U.S.--perhaps even a crippling EMP attack from their two satellites.  I keep hoping that the Air Force's robotic space plane  has satellite killer capacity.

This isn't just paranoia promoted by our military-industrial complex.  Japan is doing mass evacuation drills in preparation for North Korean attack,  Japan is discussing revising their Constitution to allow a pre-emptive strike.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who is Responsible for Drug Addiction?

3/28/17 Washington Post:
Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri demanded information Tuesday from five top opioid manufacturers, saying she would investigate their alleged role in the drug epidemic responsible for more than 200,000 overdose deaths since 2000.
“This epidemic is the direct result of a calculated sales and marketing strategy major opioid manufacturers have allegedly pursued over the past 20 years to expand their market share and increase dependency on powerful — and often deadly — painkillers,”
McCaskill, who is the ranking Democrat of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote to company executives. “To achieve this goal, manufacturers have reportedly sought, among other techniques, to downplay the risk of addiction to their products and encourage physicians to prescribe opioids for all cases of pain and in high doses.”
McCaskill sent letters to Purdue Pharma, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Insys Therapeutics, Mylan, and Depomed, which she said make the top-five-selling prescription painkillers. She is seeking sales and marketing materials, any studies the companies might have conducted about the addictive properties of their drugs, information on compliance with legal settlements and figures on donations to advocacy groups.
The problem is real, nut notice it isn't individual addicts, or prescribing doctors.  Sort of like blaming gun makers for "overmarketing" of guns.

Too Many Whites Attend Your School; We're Cutting Funding

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.
The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.
In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.
The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s.
In the South until 1948, black schools were underfunded because, "Those people aren't going to college; how good an education do field hands need?"  But that wasn't the case in California.  One of the reasons for the Serrano decision that changed school district funding in the 1970s was that wealthier districts had more property taxes available to fund schools.  Poor districts had cheaper real estate and thus, lower property taxes.  But that's completely separate from race.  Ladera Heights was a heavily black, expensive neighborhood.

Even if there was some argument in the 1970s for increased funding for non-white schools to compensate for past wrongs, that's decades ago.  Whatever flaws there were should have been overcome by now; two generations of kids later..


Muscle ache, sinus congestion, awful coughing clearing the lungs, sore throat, mild fever.  Delsym for the cough; acetaminophen for the muscles; antihistamine for the sinuses.  I am beginning to think that having contact with people, except electronically is a mistake.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Bad Idea: Having Someone Photograph You Committing a Felony

From one of the Antifa groups.  Note the Antifa wearing brass knuckles; which can be charged either misdemeanor or felony. Now the link is in.

Leftists Demonstrating With Guns in Phoenix

At least, that was my first impression upon seeing about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth.
I was late to the pro-Trump "Make America Great Again" march, which began at Cesar Chavez Plaza — after some confusion about the demonstration's starting at the now past-tense "Patriots Square Park" — and ended at the lawn of the Arizona Capitol.
So I headed straight to the Capitol, but the pro-Trump event was petering out. One of the cops present told me that the MAGA march consisted of a group of about 100.
However, across the street, on the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza-side of 17th Avenue were the left-wingers, some of them masking their faces, some not. Many of them were armed with long guns. You know, just like the "patriot" groups.
Some comments on the article indicate that careful examination of the video reveals that some are Airsoft toys.  Hat tip to Shall Not Be Questioned.


My daughter and her family had it.  Then my wife had it for two weeks.  Now I have it.