Sunday, November 19, 2017

No Easy Way to Summarize This Article

Except state legislatures need to look at how public funds are being misspent.  11/16/17 College Fix:
White inventor of ‘white fragility’ tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers

Obamacare Death Rattle

11/16/17 New York Times (of all places):
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Consumers here at first did not believe the health insurance premiums they saw when they went shopping for coverage this month on Only five plans were available, and for a family of four with parents in their mid-30s, the cheapest plan went typically for more than $2,400 a month, nearly $30,000 a year.
With the deadline for a decision less than a month away, consumers are desperately weighing their options, dismayed at the choices they have under the Affordable Care Act and convinced that political forces in Washington are toying with their health and well-being.
Of course it is Trump's fault.  He has only been in office since January and already stuff that has been building for at least a year is his fault.

Defending Al Franken AND Roy Moore

HotAir presents a Facebook posting by a Democrat running for governor of Ohio where he claims that he is defending Franken "on behalf of all heterosexual males," then boasts of sex with "50 very attractive females."  Unless he is boasting of rape, he clearly does not understand the complaint about Franken.  Worst of all, this idiot is a current Ohio Supreme Court justice.

Marvelous comment at Instapundit:
Anyone in public office who has a Faceplant account needs to have their head examined.


A recent meteor strike caught on an auroa webcam:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Nice Clear Sky

To try out the equatorial platform,  and it is below freezing.  Will I build up the courage to try this?  Or watch Men in Black?

It's Not a Tax Cut Bill

The limiting of mortgage interest deduction to $500,000 mortgages, is clearly a "soak the rich" bill.  Republicans need to call it that.

More Signs of the Evil of Trump

11/17/17 The Hill:
Thirteen states this year have seen their unemployment rates drop to the lowest levels ever recorded since the federal government began keeping track of state-level data more than four decades ago.

Eight years after the bottom of the worst recession in modern history, the states seeing economic booms range from the bluest of the blue, like Hawaii and California, to the deepest shades of red, like Idaho and Texas.

In October, the unemployment rates in Alabama, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Washington all met or beat their lowest rates ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), according to the agency’s monthly report issued Friday.

California, Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota and Oregon also hit new lows earlier this year. 
I wonder how much is the boom, and how much is the decline in illegals making jobs available.