Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VMware Tools

I am running Debian Linux in VMware Workstation 12 on my PC so that I can do LinuxCNC development somewhere that is air conditioned.  After much struggle I got VMware Tools installed.  Now I am trying to share a folder between Linux in the VM and Windows 7 on the host.  I know this works; I was able to do it at Dept. of Corrections.  But there seem to be no working instructions that I can find for Debian 8 under VMware Workstation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Machining Circles

Millie is excavating a .611 wide by .27" deep hole in a piece of steel, so .01" per pass.  I filled the hole with oil to prevent overheating and as the end mill goes in citcles slicing first the outer edge then the inner parts of the circle, it looks like the world's smallest and most repulsive Mixmaster.

Wow! Republican Hate Goes A Long Ways

I see that gay pride marchers are blaming Orlando on Christians and Republicans.  But their reach goes farther than I expected.  6/28/16 Sky News:

Nearly 50 people have been killed in an attack on the main airport in Istanbul, a senior Turkish official has told the Associated Press.
Initial indications suggest Islamic State was behind the attack, the official said.
Three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the international terminal of Ataturk Airport, Istanbul governor Vasip Sahin told NTV television.
How much longer will our captive media keep blaming terrorist attacks on NRA and Christians?

LED Light Bulbs Are Taking Over My House

The pantry light (52W incandescent) was just replaced with a 10W LED.  Much brighter in there.  The 60W CFL in my drill press is now a 10W LED bulb.  The exterior lighting fixtures still strobe with LED bulbs.  We'll replace these fixtures with one that have LED bulbs already in them.

Trying to Machine Circles Too Hard

As withj almost everything, CNC is so hard to program that it is faster to drill a pilot hole on the lathe, deepen and enlarge on the drill press, then bore on the lathe.  The LinuxCNC forum has been very helpful, but stuff that works for others doesn't work on mine.  Still wish I could make it work.  5/8" and 3/4" drill bits are pricey.

UPDATE: With some help from the LinuxCNC forum it now works, not as pretty as I would prefer.  Right now it is cutting circles in a hole I made with a 1/2" drill bit.  It may take awhile before it stops looking like a drunk.

What it looks like:
G20 G17 G40 G49 G64 P0.005 G80 G90 G92.1 G94
(cut circle; position at left side of outer circle)
G00 x 0.3195 y 0.5000 Z 0.0000 F 4.0000
(cut circle I radius)
G02 X 0.3195 Y 0.5000 I 0.1805 J0
( clean up debris)
G00 x 0.3195 y 0.5000 Z 0.0000 F 8.0000
G02 X 0.3195 Y 0.5000 I 0.1805 J0
(cut circle; one level in to hog out the center)
G00 x 0.3507 y 0.5000 Z 0.0000 F 4.0000
G02 X 0.3507 Y 0.5000 I 0.1493 J0
( clean up debris)
G00 x 0.3507 y 0.5000 Z 0.0000 F 8.0000
G02 X 0.3507 Y 0.5000 I 0.1493 J0

Clever Way to Cut 60 Degree Angle

I need to cut a 60 degree angle with a cutoff saw whose range only goes to 45 degrees.  Any suggestions for techniques?

Newspapers Trying Hard to Euthanize Themselves

I understand newspapers need to make money.  There isn't much ad revenue left in the age of  craigslist, spam, and the World Wide Web.  But the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post have
both put up paywalls that prevent me reading news stories.  If they think I am going to give money to the house organs of fascism, they are profoundly mistaken.