Monday, August 3, 2015

Global Warming Skeptics

I was shocked to discover that Wikipedia has a list of scientists who differ from global warming orthodoxy:

Scientists questioning the accuracy of IPCC climate projections

These scientists have said that it is not possible to project global climate accurately enough to justify the ranges projected for temperature and sea-level rise over the next century. They may not conclude specifically that the current IPCC projections are either too high or too low, but that the projections are likely to be inaccurate due to inadequacies of current global climate modeling.

Scientists arguing that global warming is primarily caused by natural processes

These scientists have said that the observed warming is more likely to be attributable to natural causes than to human activities. Their views on climate change are usually described in more detail in their biographical articles.

Scientists arguing that the cause of global warming is unknown

These scientists have said that no principal cause can be ascribed to the observed rising temperatures, whether man-made or natural.

Scientists arguing that global warming will have few negative consequences

These scientists have said that projected rising temperatures will be of little impact or a net positive for society or the environment.

Dead scientists

This section includes deceased scientists who would otherwise be listed in the prior sections.
I also found this paper interesting:


This paper examines the framings and identity work associated with professionals’ discursive construction of climate change science, their legitimation of themselves as experts on ‘the truth’, and their attitudes towards regulatory measures. Drawing from survey responses of 1077 professional engineers and geoscientists, we reconstruct their framings of the issue and knowledge claims to position themselves within their organizational and their professional institutions. In understanding the struggle over what constitutes and legitimizes expertise, we make apparent the heterogeneity of claims, legitimation strategies, and use of emotionality and metaphor. By linking notions of the science or science fiction of climate change to the assessment of the adequacy of global and local policies and of potential organizational responses, we contribute to the understanding of ‘defensive institutional work’ by professionals within petroleum companies, related industries, government regulators, and their professional association.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Machining Acetal vs. Aluminum

I mentioned a few days ago problems squaring an acetal rod.  Thanks for the suggestions.  The core problem is that acetal is very slippery, and a piece that is long and thin slips out of the chuck with little encouragement.  I have previously turned 2" and larger diameter acetal without difficulty, because there is more area to grab the acetal with in the jaws.  I am able to square and turn aluminum much more easily, because it is not so slippery.  Still, I find myself thinking a chuck with longer or larger area jaws would work better.

More Lawlessness From Obama

AP reports that Obama is going to cut CO2 emissions by 30% through executive order.  If only there was an opposition political party in Congress!  Remember when Democrats were angry at Bush for his executive actions?  It obviously wasn't a principled support for division of powers.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Idiots in Charge

One of the military officers who returned fire on the Chattanooga jihadi is being charged for doing so:
Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

The time for revolution is coming; at least the time for an opposition political party.

UPDATE: Navy now denies that they have filed charges.

Why Fast & Furious Matters

To a lot of the left, Fast & Furious was always a tempest in a teapot, because breaking the law to achieve a desired goal -- gun control -- is always okay.  You can see this in the left's enthusiasm for Obama breaking laws regularly.  But here is where Fast & Furious gets more interesting.  You remember that a Mohammed cartoon drawing in Texas, caused two Muslims to jihadi, shooting up the event and getting shot?  We guess where one of those guns originated?  From August 1, 2015 Chicago Tribune:
Five years before he was shot to death in the failed terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, Nadir Soofi walked into a suburban Phoenix gun shop to buy a 9-millimeter pistol.

At the time, Lone Wolf Trading Co. was known among gun smugglers for selling illegal firearms. And with Soofi's history of misdemeanor drug and assault charges, there was a chance his purchase might raise red flags in the federal screening process.

Inside the store, he fudged some facts on the form required of would-be gun buyers.

What Soofi could not have known was that Lone Wolf was at the center of a federal sting operation known as Fast and Furious, targeting Mexican drug lords and traffickers. The idea of the secret program was to allow Lone Wolf to sell illegal weapons to criminals and straw purchasers, and track the guns back to large smuggling networks and drug cartels.

Instead, federal agents lost track of the weapons and the operation became a fiasco, particularly after several of the missing guns were linked to shootings in Mexico and the 2010 killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona.

Soofi's attempt to buy a gun caught the attention of authorities, who slapped a seven-day hold on the transaction, according to his Feb. 24, 2010, firearms transaction record, which was reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, the hold was lifted after 24 hours, and Soofi got the 9-millimeter.

As the owner of a small pizzeria, the Dallas-born Soofi, son of a Pakistani American engineer and American nurse, would not have been the primary focus of federal authorities, who back then were looking for smugglers and drug lords.

He is now.

If the Democrats had an opposition political party, they would be pursuing this.

Fun With Machining

I have finished writing all thegCode I need, although machining the part is the final step, when the replacement stepper motor arrives.  I had originally planned to make this part in one operation, with the legs upright.
However the height would be tight on the Sherline mill, so I have decided to make it in threee steps, which I have named prone, standing and supine, for obvious reasons.

I also had another reminder of the importance of sharp cutting tools.  ScopeRoller makes a lot of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes in aluminum.  My worker noticed that when making the 3/8"-16 holes, the tap produced beautiful threads, much nicer thn the 1/4"-20 tap did.  The 1/4"-20 tap I have had for many years, and itr is no longer very sharp.  I replaced it with a new one.  Awesome!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Stepper Motor Failure

Chilod mortality on the Z axis stepper motor.  Groan!  There might be a case for spending three times the money for an industrial CNC mill.