Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Video of the Charlotte Shooting

9/24/16 NBC News shows the video taken by the dead guy's wife.  Curiously she keeps shouting at her husband, "Keith, don't do it."  Do what?  NBC also points out that after the shooting there appears to be a gun on the ground.  9/23/16 WSOC reports:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Tests revealed Keith Scott's fingerprints, DNA and blood were on a gun recovered at Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting scene, police sources told Channel 9 reporter Mark Becker.

Missouri "Constitutional Carry"

9/14/16 Columbia Missourian:
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri became the latest state to allow residents to carry a concealed weapon without a permit when lawmakers supported the change Wednesday. 
Starting Jan. 1, gun owners will be able to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The remaining provisions in the bill, including the expansion of "stand your ground," will take effect in 30 days. 
Tense debate during the legislature's annual veto override session encompassed themes of race and class as lawmakers clashed over whether to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of Senate Bill 656. In the days leading up to the session the debate drew national attention, with organizations on both sides of the issues working to influence lawmakers. Another controversial part of the bill is its "stand your ground" provision, which will allow residents to use deadly force on public property if they perceive a threat. 
I still think having a license is a good idea both to speed up verification by police that you aren't in a prohibited category or when visiting states that are still in the dark ages. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Reminder That Idaho Is In The U.S., Unlike California

I saw this logo on an SUV:
Miss Concealed began as a quest to find functional, comfortable, feminine and stylish conceal carry options for myself, family and girlfriends. Searching through the internet, local gun shops, sporting goods stores and gun shows it was apparent that the firearms industry had not yet caught up with the uprising in female gun ownership. Since 2009 the concealed weapon permit for women across the nation has increased by 89% yet the firearm industry still maintains to mainly cater to the male firearm owner. Ladies want options other than black, green and camo for their conceal carry options. Hearing and reading of the desires of women asking and searching for conceal carry options that cater to a ladies needs, I set out to do what I could to give ladies a choice. Hidden Heat Lace products are designed and assembled in the USA, Hidden Heat 3, 4 and Bra-ly Concealed are made in the USA by Miss Concealed.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

STL to gCode Converters

Suggestion on which program for converting STL file to gCode equivalent?  Many are for 3D printing.  I want one for gCode to be fed into LinuxCNC to operate a mill.

Lessons Learned on This Trip

1. Really tiny jets are miserable to fly in.

2.  It isn't the weight of what you are carrying that is the biggest hassle, but how many things you have to carry unless your parents bought the optional extra hands options.

3. Smallest possible radius matters when getting on and off tiny jets.

The notebook wasn't too bad on weight, but awkward getting in and out of seat.

The Bose headphones (a gift from HP at a time when our workplace was very noisy) were light, but one more hand.  The travel pillow is light, but one more hand!  Next step: backpack for the notebook in a foam slipcase, power supply and external mouse in a side pocket.  Bose case in the backpack.  One hand, about eight pounds.

3. Looking for the cheapest rental car for a day in Austin, Expedia gave me E-Z Rent A Car as the cheapest option.

  a.  At the counter, they were closed and directed us to Advantage at the next counter.
  b.  The quoted price included only one driver.  Add $11 for my wife.  Many rental agencies charge you nothing for a spouse.

Next time, pay a bit more upfront to rent from Enterprise.


I was a bit concerned about the sound:

But it did do what I wanted.  The problem was that I needed to through hole tap, and the hole wasn't deep enough.  Also, it takes several passes, just like tapping by hand, because of debris buildup.

Why Isn't This Getting More Media Attention?

President Barack Obama is poised to veto legislation exposing Saudi Arabia to court action over the 9/11 attacks, stepping in to defend legal precedent and an awkward ally, but inviting election-time opprobrium.
White House officials say Obama will reject the "Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" by a Friday veto deadline, after a little over a week of deliberation.
The administration is worried the bill -- passed unanimously by Congress -- would undermine state immunity, setting a dangerous legal precedent.
Obama's aides tried and failed to have the legislation substantially revised, and now face the prospect of Republicans and Democrats joining forces to override the presidential veto, a relatively rare rebuke of White House power.
Families of 9/11 victims have campaigned for the law -- convinced that the Saudi government had a hand in the attacks that killed almost 3,000 people.
Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens, but no link to the government has been proven. The Saudi government denies any links to the plotters.
Passed unanimously by Congress?