Thursday, October 30, 2014

Airsoft Guns

They are so cheap on that I am suspicious.  The spring ones have to be cocked by hand for each shot.  Are they more durable than the Co2 ones?

What a Shocker: Illegal Aliens Voting

From PJMedia:
An election integrity watchdog group is suing the state of Maryland, alleging that it has discovered massive and ongoing fraudulent voting by non-U.S. citizens in one county. But because of the way that the non-citizens are able to cast votes in elections, the fraud is likely happening in every single county and subdivision across the state. The group believes that the illegal voting has been happening for years.

The group, Virginia Voters Alliance, says that it compared how voters in Frederick County filled out jury duty statements compared with their voting records. The group’s investigation found that thousands of people in Frederick County who stated that they are not U.S. citizens on jury duty forms went on to cast votes in elections. Either they failed to tell the truth when they were summoned for jury duty, or they cast illegal votes. Both are crimes. The same group previously found that about 40,000 people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland.
This is why voter ID matters, and why Democrats oppose it.

Things You Find While Hunting

The October 29, 2014 Idaho World reports some hunters found a case of 1930s era dynamite.  One of the hunters was a Vietnam era-soldier and said to the reporter, "I didn't want to be blown up again...  it hurts!"  Some things I guess once is enough.

Houston's Subpoena of Sermons

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that Houston had subpoenaed sermons of pastors who were opposing the city's new transgendered can use whatever bathroom they want ordinance.  This sounds like something King James I might have done.  The October 29, 2014 Houston Chronicle reports that the mayor has retreated from the sermon subpoenas and explains that what started this was that the people of Houston had requested a referendum on the ordinance, and the mayor decided that the referendum did not conform to the city charter.  I don't know what the city charter requires, but I suspect the mayor knows that the referendum would have failed.  Even Houston isn't that liberal.  A bit more about the dispute from the October 21, 2014 Christian Post:
The conservative Texas Values Action organization turned in an estimated 50,000 signatures to repeal HERO, well above the 17,269 required by law.

City attorney David Feldman concluded that many of the signatures were invalid and thus Texas Values did not obtain the necessary number of valid signatures for a referendum.
I can see how the validity of signatures matters.  I can't see how the content of sermons would be relevant to the validity of signatures.  This seems like an attempt to intimidate pastors into not preaching the Gospel.  The mayor of course, is a lesbian.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Inflicting Pain on Goats

Some neighnors have some goats which have been getting ,y wife's flower gardens.  She would like to inflict pain but not permanent injury to encourage them to her garden alone.  She has a slingshot, but wants something with more range and accuracy.  Note: goat curry is not the right answer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walked Two Miles Today With My Wife

Down a gravel road.  I am exhausted.

Fraud AT UNC

From October 23, 2014 Inside Higher Education:
A "woeful lack of oversight" and a culture that confused academic freedom with a lack of accountability helped more than 3,100 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- many of them athletes -- enroll and pass classes they never attended and which were not taught by a single faculty member.

A report released Wednesday by Kenneth Wainstein, a former official with the U.S. Department of Justice, found that the academic fraud was systematic and far-reaching, lasting for nearly 20 years and consisting of 188 classes in the African and Afro-American studies department. About half of the 3,100 students were athletes, and investigators concluded that some university employees were aware of the fraud and actively steered athletes and other struggling students toward the classes. 

Unfortunately, departments that were created laregly to get control of university buildings back from protesters are often filled with charlatans.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong with  African and Afro-American studie, but programs originally created as Affirmative Action ghettos are unlikely to be centers of excellence.