Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blogging Will Be Light For a Day or So

The guy putting up siding accidentally stapled the cable from the roof antenna down the wall.  Not surprisingly, removing the staple did not solve the problem so I am using mobile hotspot on my cell phone to blog this.

Remember the Biggest Victims of ISIS Are Muslims

7/27/16 CNN:
A suicide bombing killed 48 people, among them women and children, Wednesday in northern Syria, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
A truck bomb exploded near buildings belonging to a Kurdish security agency and other governmental departments in the city of Qamishli near the border with Turkey, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reported. The observatory said 140 people also were hurt.
ISIS claimed responsibility and said in a statement that one of its members drove a truck rigged with explosives to reach the Kurdish administrative complex where defense, interior and military recruiting departments operated.

    Glad to Know They Aren't Angry

    7/27/16 BBC:
    France responds to attacks with calls for peace and understanding

    Ultimate Agricultural Vehicle

    I hate the soundtrack.  Turn down your volume first.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

    Somewhere Out There

    is a law review article by Steve Halbrook that quotes Sen. Shields concerning the Mailing of Firearms Act.  I can't find it.

    UPDATE: Thanks to all.  Steve Halbrook saw my request on a mailing request and provided the titles.

    1920 and 1930 Memphis, TN Population By Race

    This should be easy to find, right?  As with all google-fu, the trick is the right phrase.  "Fourteenth Census" at p. 110.

    Cockroach Milk? Is That Like Chicken Lips? Or Hen's Teeth?

    7/25/16 Science Alert:
    Scientists think cockroach milk could be the superfood of the future
    I can hardly wait for cockroach sirloins.