Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Ordered This

Windows 8 was such a disaster that I have been sulking about buying a new computer.  And then this deal showedup on Amazon.

Lenovo Thinkpad X140e 20BL000BUS 11.6" AMD A4-5000 Quad Core 4GB 500GB Win7 Pro Best Student & Business Ultrabook Laptop

 Windows 7 Pro, quad core, 500 GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and I should be able to run VM and Mint Linux on it.  It is about the dimensions of my wife's Toshiba Portege (which I love), and weighs one pound.  Okay, there's no CD/DVD drive, but I don't use one often, but a USB DVD drive is only $31.75.

Lightning Storm With The Canon A1400 Camera

Obviously at night.

Humor: 20 Things White People From The Caribbean Are Tired Of Hearing

From Buzzfeed, and pretty uproarious.
Being white and from the West Indies is unique. Here are a few things people ask and tell us, once we travel outside the Caribbean.

My favorite: Why are you white?  I don’t know how to answer that.

Humor: 20 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Christmas Than You

This Buzzzfeed  column has a number of funny items, but item 3, about the toy committing suicide is a riot.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Disabling Repeat Keys

There are a couple of ays to disable keystroke repeat in Windows 7.  One is under Ease of Access in Control Panel, under Filter Keys, but this is actually a pretty complex scheme, and I can't seem to set it identically twice in a row.  Often, I end up filtering out all keystrokes.  Under Control Panel, Keyboard, Speed tab you can slow down repeating dramatically, which works well for me.  I am preparing my Western Civ 2 class right now.

An Amazing Decision From The 6th Court Of Appeals

Tyler v.HILLSDALE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, et al. (6th Cir. 2014) is a complicated case to explain.  Tyler was involuntarily committed some years ago after a very messy divorce:
In 1985, when Tyler was forty-five years old, Tyler’s wife of twenty-three years served him divorce papers. Prior to filing for divorce, Tyler’s ex-wife allegedly ranaway with another man and depleted Tyler’s finances. Tyler felt “overwhelmed” and “sat in the middle of the floor at home pounding his head.” According to a mental-health evaluation submitted by Tyler, Tyler was crying non-stop, not sleeping, depressed, and suicidal at this time.Tyler’s daughters became scared and contacted the police.
Of course involuntary commitment to a mental hospital is one of the things it prevents you from possession of a firearm under Federal law..  However, Federal law provides a process for relief from firearms disabilities for convicted felons and people have been involuntarily committed.  Since 1992, Congress has from processing regularly prohibited the ATF from processing firearms relief requests under pressure from the gun control movement. Doctors treating Tyler have concluded that what happened in 1985 “appeared to be a brief reactive depressive episode in response to his wife divorcing him.” The psychologist determined that there was no evidence of mental illness.  Tyler sued, and the court of appeals agreed that making it impossible for him to obtain firearms disability relief and violated his Second Amendment rights.   More importantly, the court decided that strict scrutiny is the correct standard of review to use for Second Amendment questions. The court admitted that there are a variety of different standards being used by the various Federal courts of appeals for what standard of review should be used, so this is effectively telling the U.S. Supreme Court to go ahead and make a decision about standard of review.

Australian Mass Murder: No Gun

From 12/18/14 Washington Post
Eight children have been found stabbed to death near the town of Cairns in for northeastern Australia, according to Australian Broadcasting and other news outlets. A 34-year-old woman suffering from chest and neck wounds was also taken to a hospital from the home and is cooperating with police.