Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis

I have blogged about this before, but this video does a nice job of presenting how the Left caused the collapse of the economy in 2008 in order to make rich people richer while blaming free markets.

Friday, February 5, 2016

If We Can't Ban Guns Well Just Drive Ammo Makers Out of Business

I can remember a time when liberal co-workers would think they were clever by suggesting banning ammunition if gun control was too hard.  (I was still a closeted gun owner.)  But this suggests that this is exactly what is starting.  Buy more ammo and why not from Lucky Gunner?

Malwarebytes Premium

It claims to prevent malware from even getting in, but after I paid for the upgrade on my wife's Toshiba, it appears that things got worse.  Anyone else get the Premium edition?

The Toshiba Again

It has been running fine. Now it is slow and glitchy again.  I actually paid to upgrade to the non-free version of Malwarebytes because the free version kept finding malware which I kept removing.  I know the PC hardware is fine.  Linux runs great.  Windows 10 ran great for a few days.  Now my wife insists on using my 10 year old HP clunker because it doesn't get glitchy.  Windows 7, pretty much all the same software.  What is causing loss of her sanity and all my free time?  There's nothing obvious lr strange running in the background and it is Windows 7/10 related.  Probably malware.  Why doesn't it show up on the clunker or my ThinkPad?

She wants a new PC, but I fear that the same problem will show up in a month or so.  It's Like Microsoft has no idea how to protect Windows from malefactors.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sherline: Zebras This Time, Not Horses

The Y-axis stopped working again and it wasn't the parallel port connector.  The motor shaft connects to a coupler, which is held to the lead screw by a left hand Allen head screw 6-32.  I cannot get it tight enough with the Allen wrench I have, at least enough to do its job of turning the lead screw. Tomorrow: I will buy some LocTite to put in the screw to lead screw interface; the smallest lock washer I can find to hold the 6-32 screw in the coupler; and I will try to find the following: if I could use this very powerful power screwdriver I bought to torque down the screw that goes into the lead screw, I think it would be enough.  But I have Allen head bits too short for the deep dark hole in question.  My hope is for an extension,1/4" male for the power screwdriver chuck and 1/4" female to put the standard length bits into.  Or maybe some very long Allen head bits.  Perhaps the power nut driver for 1/4" nuts would, with some pressure, hold the 1/4" Allen head bits in it.  And some very long Allen head wrenches with longer arms to increase the force I can exert on this hex head nut.  I am tempted at the moment to get the Sherline working again, and look at something more serious.  Two days of cutting acetal should not requires four hours of maintenance.  I have asked Sherline's support guy to recommend a more maintenance free CNC mill.

I have it back together and it worked briefly.  Thinking of selling it for parts and just giving up on this whole CNC mill idea.  Maybe Sherline just doesn't have it together, but I am fast losing hope that CNC mills are actually a net gain.

Sherline thinks the thuid, thud thud noise is exceeding the range of Y and told me what to change in the LinuxCNC ini files.  Try that tomorrow.


I keep threatening to switch and this time I just might.  I tried to login to my turbotax account to find out when I would be receiving my software, and I could not remember the password.  Trying to reset it did not work, so I called Customer Support, an Indian who I do not think understand my request because he said they would have to install software on my PC amd that would cost $49.

A nice young lady (an American I am sure unless they are training Indians to sound black) got me online, but TurboTax's web page is a mess.

Major Victory in 4th Circuit

Kolbe v. Hogan (4th Cir. 2016): Ruled that Maryland's ba on magazines above 10 rounds and most semiauto weapons violates Second Amendment and applies strict scrutiny.  Emphasizes these are weapons "in common use" for lawful purposes.
 For perspective, we note that in 2012, the number of AR - and AK-style weapons manufactured and imported into the United States was more than double the number of Ford F-150 trucks sold, the most commonly sold vehicle in the United States.
 A major victory.