Friday, November 17, 2017

Cops, Eh?

I am watching a series called Under Arrest which is rather like Cops, but filmed in Canada.  Not anywhere near as good a theme song: "Bad Boys" is just awesome.

A few interesting aspects:

1. The bad boys are surprisingly similar to the U.S. in spite of Canada's blindingly pasty population: blacks and Hispanics.  There are a few more First Nations people than in Cops.  Of course, racism is the usual complaint, even in cases where the police could not tell the driver's race when the lights went on.

2. The evidence that drugs and alcohol are bad for you are even more obvious.

3. Canadian police have many of the same limitations such as their version of a Miranda warning but some surprising differences: an officer points his gun into driver's window and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't exit the vehicle; lots of use of those racist chokeholds.

UPDATE:  I think showing a few episodes of this show in high schools would be a powerful tool against excessive drinking and alcoholism.  If you still want to get drunk after watching a shirtless guy threaten to beat up an armed police officer, you are too stupid for reasoning.

Al Franken Admits Groping, Makes Himself the Victim

11/17/17 Daily Mail:
The radio host groped and forcibly kissed by now-Senator Al Franken during a 2006 USO show says the now-infamous photo of the Democrat's hands on her breasts while she slept wasn't meant as a joke: It was an 'in your face' parting shot after nearly two weeks of being 'belittled and humiliated.'
Former Playboy model LeeAnn Tweeden said Friday on 'Good Morning America' that she 'had to endure being with him for almost two weeks' after 'he stuck his tongue in my mouth' as Franken mocked her with one passive-aggressive gesture after another.
In some cases, she said, Franken would draw devil horns and tails on her glossy photos while she was trying to autograph them. 
'So at the end when I got that picture, it was like the final parting shot of the, "Ha, ha, she's going to see this when she gets home" that I couldn't, you know, see him face-to-face to confront him.'

Read more:
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The article explains that he has been a voice in the Senate for women against sexual harassment.  Yup; progressive projection.

Will he resign?  Don't be silly.

Tehama County Shooter Made Own AR-15s

The arsenal that police said Kevin Janson Neal used during Tuesday's deadly rampage in northern California included two AR-15 type semi-automatic rifles with multi-round magazines that he assembled himself, police told NBC News on Thursday.
One of the high-powered rifles was found outside the grade school in rural Rancho Tehama Reserve that Neal riddled with bullets, police said. The other lethal weapon was found at the spot where Neal was killed in a gun battle with officers.
Experts say Neal apparently exploited a legal loophole that enabled him to get around California’s tough gun laws by ordering the parts for a weapon that is illegal in that state — and putting it together at home.

It says nothing about the lower receiver, which obviously he did not order mail order.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Will the Decent People in Hollywood Please Come Out of the Closet?

Daily Mail shows a 1986 police report involving Sylvester Stallone and bodyguard raping a 16 year old.

We Don't Want Sexual Harassers in the Senate!

790 KABC:
Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It
By Leeann Tweeden
In December of 2006, I embarked on my ninth USO Tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks. My father served in Vietnam and my then-boyfriend (and now husband, Chris) is a pilot in the Air Force, so bringing a ‘little piece of home’ to servicemembers stationed far away from their families was both my passion and my privilege.
Also on the trip were country music artists Darryl Worley, Mark Wills, Keni Thomas, and some cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys. The headliner was comedian and now-senator, Al Franken.
But he's a Democrat.... so, okay. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Please, I Do Not Want to be a Juror on This Case

A New Jersey attorney nude from the waist down save for a pair of high heels strutted into a stranger’s Rutherford home and announced “I’m here,” police said.
Justin Christodoro, 39, of Hackensack, subsequently was arrested in neighboring Lyndhurst on Saturday after a resident returned home to find an unknown car with an unconscious man inside parked in his driveway, reports.
Thanks to SmallDeadAnimals for that word picture I want to erase.

Unsympathetic Defendants Often Make Bad Case Law

Here's a case where it did not.  Comm. of Penn. v. Ford (Penn.Sup.Ct. 2016):
Appellant claims the trial court erred in denying his motion to suppress the firearm seized from his home. He also argues that the trial court erred in finding the evidence sufficient to sustain his conviction for possession of a firearm with an altered manufacturer’s number, because the manufacturer’s number was merely obscured by corrosion, not by human hands.
Ford was a prohibited person (not lawful to possess gun).  Rust is not a crime.

I Think We Just Got Lucky on This One

Police in Northern California on Wednesday arrested a “violent psychopath” accused of murder who had escaped a Hawaiian psychiatric hospital earlier this week....

Saito was acquitted of a gruesome 1979 murder of Sandra Yamashiro by reason of insanity and committed to Hawaii State Hospital in 1981. Saito randomly chose the victim, shot her in the face and fatally stabbed her, authorities said. Her body was later found in her car at the mall....

It was not immediately clear how Saito was able to leave the facility in Kaneohe, a Honolulu suburb. Hawaii State Hospital Administrator William May said officials are fully cooperating with law enforcement and appropriate steps would be taken if Saito received help from someone inside the facility.
Saito has repeatedly attempted to get released from the state hospital, a move vehemently opposed by prosecutors.
In 2002, prosecutors questioned why Saito was granted unescorted leave from the facility, according to Hawaii News Now. "He is a psychopathic predator whose mental condition continues to represent a serious danger to the community," deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Albert said at the time.
In 1993, a court denied Saito’s request for conditional release, saying he continued to suffer from sexual sadism and necrophilia.

Another No Surprise Mass Murder

11/15/17 CNN:
Neal's sister told CNN's Sara Sidner that he had struggled with mental health issues for at least 20 years.
"My mom spent a great deal of her time and nearly all her energy trying so hard to placate him," said Sheridan Orr, who was with her distraught mother in North Carolina.
Neal's mental state began a steep decline about a year ago, said Orr, adding the family had tried to get him help.
Fortunately, California has very strict gun control laws, so this clearly did not happen.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Another Mass Murder

Tehama County,  Cal.  A neighbor is quoted that the shooter had been making threats to him and others and that something needs to be done in cases like this.  Like call 911 and prosecute?

When Cleaning Your AR-15

I went shooting Sunday with guys from church.  Remember you need to really clean it thoroughly to get all the evil spirits out of it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mental Illness No Longer a Bar to Military Service

11/13/17 USA Today reports that the military is no longer rejecting recruits with mental illness problems.  Not like military service and its demands could be a problem.

A reader jogged my memory.  PTSD and bipolar disorder are comorbid.
The purpose of this study was to identify subjects with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) consequent to hallucinations and delusions and the experiences related to psychosis in schizophrenic and bipolar subjects. Schizophrenic and bipolar subjects were given questionnaires in order to evaluate PTSD incidence and symptoms. Subjects with classical types of trauma were excluded. Depression and stress scales were also answered. About one-third of schizophrenic subjects and one-half of bipolar subjects met PTSD criteria on the Penn PTSD Inventory.

Reality is Also Optional reports on the emerging transracial movement.  Born the wrong race?  Change your identity.

Not a Strong Sign of Intelligence or Planning reports that more than 1/2 of California pregnancies were unplanned.  If you cannot figure out how to handle this sort of thing,  is there reason to expect better decision making at election time.

Gun Cleaning

I went shooting yesterday with some guys from church.  I had forgotten how much I love the M1911A1.  Wonderful pointing, accurate enough and when those big bullets hit milk jugs, they fly.

I had planned to sight in the 3x-9x40 scope on the AR-15, but that's hard to do when shivering.  Late spring, maybe.

Cleaned both guns this morning.  During field stripping, I failed to hold the recoil spring plug, and it launched across the garage.  When trying to reassemble, I found myself wondering how I had forgotten the "fun" involved.  At least when the recoil spring launched, the extra weight gave me a slower moving target to look for with less range to search.

What was so hard?  The Browning Hi-Power reassembles slightly differently, and I was doing it wrong.  It has been some years since I cleaned the M1911A1.

As much as I love it, I won't be using it instead my Browning as a carry gun if I go to...  Wait a minute, the only place that I have been recently that both recognizes my many carry permits and is that scary is Hartford, Conn.

Progressive Support for Racism

11/11/17 New York Times:
Can My Children Be Friends With White People?
Donald Trump’s election has made it clear that I will teach my boys the lesson generations old, one that I for the most part nearly escaped. I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.
Remember that the real goal is to justify race war, when the left next gets control of the federal government, and provokes Civil War II.  Fortunately, black people read that rag about as much as white people.  Outside the bubble, this will have little effect.

George Takei Now Blames Russians

for the sexual assault claims.

And Saying It in the Vatican Just Completes the Picture

[Gov. Brown] was still talking about the need for a fundamental shift in lifestyle when he said at the Vatican that confronting climate change will require “a transformation of the relationship of human beings to all the mysterious network of things.”
“It’s not just a light rinse,” Brown said. “We need a total, I might say, brainwashing. We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.”
The quote is from 11/11/17 Politico. 

The Party of Racism

11/10/17 WTNH:
Pair of 20-year-olds believed youngest black Republicans elected to Connecticut public office
Low level offices, but this is where most politicians start.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Equatorial Platform Mounted

It has taken longer than I expected but Crossbow Platforms has provided exemplary post-sales support.  I probably made some poor assumptions about what would be required to attach this.
Now, I just need some clear skies.  What?  May?

Roy Moore Allegations

I had the same reaction as many others: Moore has been a loud voice in Alabama politics for decades and just two weeks before the election, these allegations of child sexual abuse appear?  Talk about convenient.  I would love to see how much money the RNC has spent on this project.  11/11/17 BizPac Review reports:
Color plenty of Alabama voters more than a little skeptical.
So many, in fact, that when a Birmingham news outlet searched high and low for just one voter who believed Corfman’s allegations, they came up empty in the end.
Perhaps the Democrats could have some of their high credibility faces come in to help their candidate?  Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein, or George Takei?   Best of all, Bill Clinton.

Now, Moore may have skeletons in his closet.  There are more than a few things that I did before I became a Christian that I would not want on billboards, but in the absence of anything stronger than what has been presented so far, I smell Democratic Party projection, and perhaps even Republican Party tricks.  Many Congressional Republicans really want a properly corrupted Republican President or at least a Democrat as an alternative to Trump.

Fortunately, his opponent is running this ad reminding black voters what his party used to stand for:

One-tap Boost

I found this app on my phone and it seems to be mostly an ad server which is annoying.   I would like to remove it from my phone,  but it does not show in the Application Manager.  Because this was apparently installed by some other app,  I am reluctant to trust any of the free virus removers unless I know it works.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Homophobic Attack on Inclusive Church

Did you even have to ask? 5/3/17 WTHR:
BEAN BLOSSOM, Ind. (WTHR) - A Brown County church vandalized with Donald Trump graffiti shortly after the 2016 election wasn't targeted by pro-Trump political activists, but a member of their own congregation, according to police.
People suspected the KKK or some other hate group was responsible for the graffiti. The arrest of the church organist, was a surprise - and a relief.
The Brown County prosecuting attorney's office issued a statement Wednesday saying they had charged 26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang of Bloomington with institutional criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. Stang was the man who originally claimed to have found the graffiti, and works as the organist at St. David's Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom....
Detectives immediately suspected the crime was committed by someone familiar with the church. They said cell phone records put Stang in the area Saturday night.
According to court records, when confronted with the evidence, the 26-year-old gay man confessed.
Investigators say Stang admitted to painting the "Heil Trump" and "Fag Church" graffiti himself because he wanted to "mobilize a movement after being disappointed in and fearful of the outcome of the national election." He insisted his actions were not motivated by anti-Christian or anti-gay sentiments.

This is Going to Create Problems for the Evolutionists

Fossil evidence of early life has been discovered by UNSW scientists in 3.48 billion year old hot spring deposits in the Pilbara of Western Australia - pushing back by 3 billion years the earliest known existence of inhabited terrestrial hot springs on Earth.
Read more at:
The Late Heavy Bombardment took place "approximately 4.1 to 3.8 billion years (Ga) ago"  which kept the Earth at oven temperatures.  So we went from baking temperature to life capable of leaving fossils in 320 million years?  The young Earthers refuse to admit an old planet, hoping to deny enough time for evolution.  At some point, the random process explanation is going to run out of time.

Later in the article:
In September 2016, Professor Kranendonk was part of an international team that found what is possibly the oldest evidence of life on earth - 3.7 billion year old fossil stromatolites in Greenland deposits that were laid down in a shallow sea.
Read more at:
So, now 100 million years from oven bake to life that leaves fossils?

It's Spring in Horseshoe Bend

This panorama is from outside my bedroom door on the back porch.
Also available here if you want to zoom in.


I have my Blogger app pointed to the old blog.  I was wondering why I was not seeing these posts when I go into Blogger on my PC.  Trying to see if this goes to right place.


Last night I was in pain in my upper left back.   At first,  I wondered if this might be a heart attack.   It was actually strain from putting this picture up.

The Great Warning

I have mentioned Brian Fagan's The Great Warming previously and his too easy acceptance of the Hockey Stick.  The deeper I get into his book,  the more impressed I get with it.  Anyone who accepts the warmist claims after reading this book is not paying attention.  His descriptions of the part the Medieval Warm Period and The Little Ice Age play in Arctic,  American Southwest,  European,  and African cultures are stupendous in their detail.   The parallels to recent climate changes and effects are impossible to miss.  
One aspect of the book that is at first surprising and increasingly pleasurable to me,  is his description of a particular year and how the locals deal with life.  Some textbook my son used in elementary school had a regular sidebar called "A Moment in Time" built in a very similar style,  showing how a single person would have lived or experienced the time.   Fagan is an anthropologist,  and it shows in these often amazingly emotionally affecting vignettes.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tater Tot Is Doing Better

The antibiotics seem to be doing the job.  No more inappropriate urination.  He also seems not to be in pain anymore.   Still have to keep the puppy away from Tater, because the puppy is now far bigger and still wants to play roughly.  The puppy well eventually outgrow this play all the time phase.

Not Surprised: Socialism is Fundamentally a Thuggish Philosophy

11/5/17 Washington Post:
 Sen. Rand Paul is recovering from five broken ribs and bruises to his lungs, and it is unclear when he will return to Washington, aides said Sunday, signaling that injuries he sustained Friday are far more severe than initially thought....
Jim Bullington, a former member of the city commission, knows both men. He said Sunday that Boucher is divorced and lives alone. Bullington described Boucher as a socialist.
“He’s pretty much the opposite of Rand Paul in every way,” Bullington said in an interview. 
The neighbors had been known to have “heated discussions” about health care, Bullington said, adding that Boucher is an advocate of a national health system. 
When I call it a thuggish philosophy, I mean it insists that everything others have created can and should be taken from them by the government.  The difference between a robber and a socialist is that the robber does not pretend to be the moral superior of his victim. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Remember When Government Class Taught You These Things?

Or is social media crowding out important data?  11/7/17 Bloomberg Politics:
On their first full day of jury deliberations at the bribery trial of Senator Robert Menendez, a juror asked the judge a basic question: What is a senator?
U.S. District Judge William Walls declined to answer the question, and he refused that juror’s request for a transcript of Monday’s closing argument by Menendez’s attorney, Abbe Lowell. The panel had returned to the Newark, New Jersey, federal courthouse Tuesday after spending about 75 minutes deliberating the day before. Walls told jurors that they should rely on their individual and collective memories to determine how to define a senator.
I keep hoping we have reached Peak Stupid among American voters, but apparently not yet.

How Clueless Can You Be?

11/7/17 CNN reports on how San Antonio shooter passed background checks because of Air Force failure to report, yet still finishes with: 
We can only hope that perhaps the senseless slaughter at this Texas church finally becomes the siren call for laws which will keep guns and assault weapons out of the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill.

San Antonio Mass Murderer Was Hospitalized for Mental Illness Problems

11/7/17 Washington Post:
The gunman who killed more than two dozen people in a small church outside San Antonio on Sunday had a string of troubling episodes in recent years, including an escape from a mental health facility in 2012 after he was caught sneaking guns onto an Air Force base “attempting to carry out death threats” against military superiors, according to a police report.
In light of his criminal history, call me utterly unsurprised.  There's little point to mandatory background checks if the responsible government agencies don't report these disqualifiers.

What Was Mixed With Malamute?

To make this enormous dog?

LED Bulbs Doing Their Job

Idaho Power bill arrived.  20% less power used than last year.

Monday, November 6, 2017

I Could Make This Up, But You Would No Believe It

From 10/27/17 U.K. This Week:
To many, adultery is no laughing matter, but a British woman who “married herself” two years ago has prompted much mockery and mirth from viewers of This Morning by announcing that she had been unfaithful to herself.

Sophie Tanner, who tied the knot with herself in May 2015, revealed to host Amanda Holden that she had cheated on herself with Ruari Barrett, a polyamorist who is now also married to himself, reports The Sun.

Although the concept may seem farfetched, the practice of marrying oneself - known as sologamy - is growing in popularity in the UK, with many women choosing to have a full ceremony to commemorate the event. Tanner's father was even present to give away Sophie as a bride.

Background Checks Only Work As Well As the Government That Runs Them

11/6/17 New York Times:
SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tex. — A day after a gunman massacred parishioners in a small Texas church, the Air Force admitted on Monday that it had failed to enter the man’s domestic violence court-martial into a federal database that could have blocked him from buying the rifle he used to kill 26 people.
Under federal law, the conviction of the gunman, Devin P. Kelley, for domestic assault on his wife and toddler stepson — he had cracked the child’s skull — should have stopped Mr. Kelley from legally purchasing the military-style rifle and three other guns he acquired in the last four years.
“The Air Force has launched a review of how the service handled the criminal records of former Airman Devin P. Kelley following his 2012 domestic violence conviction,” the Air Force said in a statement.
The statement said Heather Wilson, the Air Force secretary, and Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, had ordered the Air Force inspector general to “conduct a complete review of the Kelley case.”
The Air Force also said it was looking into whether other convictions had been improperly left unreported to the federal database for firearms background checks.
Someone admits they screwed up.

San Antonio Mass Murder

As I suspected, a domestic dispute.  11/6/17 Daily Mail reports he was anxious to kill his in-laws, who regularly attended that church.  Dishonorably discharged from USAF so prohibited from gun purchase or possession; animal cruelty charges in Colorado.  Wearing body armor, so returning fire might have been useless.  Texted threats to in-laws.  Making threats is a stupid act; leaving evidence shows to stupid to stay out of jail, as far as I am concerned.

Winter Is Early

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Not a Day Too Early for Snow Tires

For my wife's Jeep

Another Mass Murder

20+ dead in a church in San Antonio.   Shooter dead.   No other details yet.   Another tragedy.

11/5/17 ABC News:
Martin said that the suspect was found dead in his truck after running off the road near the county line after fleeing and being fired upon by a local resident at the church. Investigators remain unsure of whether or not he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot or by a shot fired by the local resident.

International Business Times reports about the shooter:
Kelley was reportedly a former United States Air Force service member, who received a dishonorable discharge and was court-martialed in 2014, CBS News reported. Investigators said they were looking into Kelley’s alleged social media posts, including one that may have shown an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon.
So not a lawful gun owner.

Vegas Shooter Again

The man who killed 58 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas last month had been depressed after losing a significant amount of money in the past two years and that may have been a "determining factor" in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the city's sheriff said.
Gunman Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old high-stakes gambler and real estate investor, had lost a "significant amount of wealth" since September 2015, which led to "bouts of depression," Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said in an interview this week with Las Vegas news station KLAS-TV.
 Now, this is plausible.  He was angry at the casino.  He wants revenge.  Antidepressants sometimes energized depressed people to a state where their anger can be expressed in very dangerous, aggressive ways.  Diazepem's side effects do not list such, but again, this could be a six sigmas from the norm consequence; humans are amazingly variable.

A tragedy, but someone this rich and organized cannot be stopped.  Two tanker trucks of the binary poison gas available at WalMart could have done worse damage.  An bomb on the side of a gasoline truck driven into the crowd would have caused enormous loss of life from collisions, then the bomb would have sent out a sheet of flaming gasoline.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


It was snowing as I returned home from the sleep study this morning.  Not very much, but enough to have a small amount on the Jeep's windshield.  It's time to order some Michelin X-Ice tires for the Jeep, and get mine swapped on.  My all-season tires on the Jag are probably at legal minimum depth.  I am beginning to lose traction a bit in deep puddles, so they probably won't need saving when I put my ice tires on.

Last Night's Sleep Study

They had me undergo another of these.  The bad part is all the wires and sensors everywhere.  The BiPAP device I use won't change; just a change to the firmware to make it adapt to  my breathing patterns.   The results last night were amazing.  This was the best  night's sleep I have had in many years.  I woke up after eight hours fresh and alert.

Our Cat

We stayed him on antibiotics last night,  hoping this solves the problem.  The next step the vet suggested would be Prozac. I really do not want to give him up.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Boise Area: Need a Mouser?

The puppy and the cat (Tater) are not hitting it off.  The puppy wants to play with the strange looking dog; Tater is not happy, and has started expressing himself by territorial spraying.  Between the two of them, they are going to ruin at least the smell of the house. if not the furniture  I love Tater; he likes to sit on my lap and purr, while I scratch him behind the ears, but the puppy is non-negotiable, and that means the cat has to go.  He is 15 years old, litter box trained (if you don't have a puppy--he has coexisted with adult dogs in the past), he probably has not many years left, and in good health (a couple rotten teeth recently removed) but he has been a pretty effective mouser and he can be quite adorable.

The Masses Are Conspiring With Trump

Despite persistently low levels of public satisfactionwith the state of the nation, most Americans say they have achieved the “American dream” or are on their way to achieving it. Only about one-in-five (17%) say the American dream is “out of reach” for their family.
The American dream means different things to different people, however. Far fewer Americans say “becoming wealthy” is essential to the American dream than say the same about personal freedom and a good family life.
Overall, 36% of U.S. adults say their family has achieved the American dream, while another 46% say they are “on their way” to achieving it, according to an August survey by Pew Research Center. (The survey asked people about the “American dream,” as they define it.) People who say they have already achieved the American dream are generally older, more affluent and better-educated than those who say they are on their way to achieving the American dream and those who say it’s out of reach.
That evil Mr. Trump.

A Corporate Tax Break That Needs to Go

11/2/17 Washington Times:
The GOP plan would prohibit professional sports stadiums from taking advantage of tax-exempt bonds, which state and local governments often float for important public works projects.
Generally used for roads, hospitals and the like, a number of communities have extended them to help out sports teams, usually as a way of enticing a team to stay in a community.
Municipal bonds are for government projects.  Why the NFL billionaires were allowed to enjoy this makes no sense.

Like What I Am Reading About Tax Proposal

11/2/17 Los Angeles Times:
The plan would immediately slash the corporate tax rate to 20% from 35% and streamline individual rates from seven brackets into four.
In addition to ending write-offs of state and local income taxes, mortgage interest deductions would be limited to new loans of no more than $500,000, down from the current $1 million. Deductions for second homes would no longer be allowed. Property tax deductions would be capped at $10,000....
"What we are seeing today is a plan that exacerbates the unfairness and inequality in our tax code," said Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). "The Republican tax plan would put two thumbs down on a scale already tipped towards the wealthy and powerful. ... Surely we can do better." 
Because poor people own second homes and have mortgages larger than $500,000.  Does Schumer ever ask himself if what he is saying makes sense?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

More Evidence the Democrats Want Trump to Win in 2020

Daily Wire reports:
Employees within the Democratic National Committee are looking for new employees in the Technology Department. However, the DNC is apparently not interested in your resume if you happen to be a white male.
In an email issued to DNC insiders on Monday, Data Services manager Madeleine Leader announced that the Technology Department is looking to fill several positions and asked interested parties to forward the openings to their colleagues.
She included the following caveat:
I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they're already in the majority.

True Madness in Pennsylvania

From Prince Law:
Attorney Prince was successful in obtaining relief for Mr. Yox, who had previously been involuntarily committed as a juvenile but later went on to honorably serve in our Armed Forces and later as a state correctional officer. Under federal law, Mr. Yox was permitted to possess a firearm and ammunition in his official capacity as a law enforcement officer, but was precluded from possessing a firearm and ammunition in his private capacity.

That Mirror Cell

Mostly done.  I just need to make some clips to attach to the top to prevent the mirror from sliding out the top,  then some foam to hold the mirror in position and protect the surface from the clips.

And the Hits Keep on Coming

11/1/17 CNN:
NPR's senior vice president of news Michael Oreskes stepped down on Wednesday amid allegations of sexual harassment in his past.
NPR CEO Jarl Mohn said he asked Oreskes "for his resignation because of inappropriate behavior."
Oreskes admitted to wrongdoing in an internal memo obtained by CNN.
"I am deeply sorry to the people I hurt. My behavior was wrong and inexcusable, and I accept full responsibility," Oreskes wrote.
Is this why the left is so focused on rape and harassment?  More projection.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Terrorist Attack

We may never know the motive for Paddock's crime but this one is easy.  NBC New York quotes the mayor (a far left Democrat) as calling it a terrorist attack:

At least eight people were killed and nearly a dozen more were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people and targeted a school bus in lower Manhattan Tuesday in what authorities called a "cowardly act of terror." 
 Source: 8 Dead After Truck Driver Plows Through Bike Path, Into School Bus in Apparent Act of Terror - NBC New York 
Follow us: @nbcnewyork on Twitter | NBCNewYork on Facebook
A 29-year-old Uzbek national living in New Jersey, Sayfullo Saipov, drove a Home Depot rental pickup truck at least 10 blocks down the popular West Side Highway bike path from West Houston to Chambers streets, hitting nearly a dozen pedestrians and bicyclists before crashing into a school bus near Stuyvesant High School and elementary school P.S. 89, just a few blocks north of the World Trade Center, authorities said.

I am assuming Islamic terrorism.  Is there a Southern Uzbek Association of Fundamentalist churches?  No, he says he did it for ISIS.  Trump's concerns about inadequately vetted immigrants is obviously just ignorant bigotry.


I need to verify some page references in "Ledgers of imports and exports, America" at the National Archives of the U.K.    The images are here.  This is an 18th century spreadsheet showing imports by quantity to all American ports.  I cannot seem to find the gunpowder columns.  If each of you could grab a range of pages or years (1768-1773) and find the pages with the gunpowder columns, it would be most appreciated.  I only expect that data for 1769-71.

Alphabetical columns for "Powder, Gun."  Around pp. 85 and 171 are for two of the years, I think.  Year 1768 starts at p. 1 (skip 1768); Year 1769 "powder, gun" at p. 83; 1770 starts at p. 99; "powder, gun" is on p. 110.  You would be doing a service to future historians if you identified on what page each year starts.  Even better, if you can identify the subsections: imports, exports, shipping tonnage.

1768 starts at 1, exports at 22; 1769 starts at 37; imports at 41; exports at 47.  1771 imports start a p. 170.  I am not seeing that column.

Why could they not export as CSV files. :-)

I have everything I need now except the gunpowder imports for 1771.  Found it on p. 171.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Troubling Story

If you watch House of Cards. you know that a subplot is Frank Underwood's bisexuality (or more accurately, his pretend heterosexuality).  Now Kevin Spacey has come out of the closet to deflect accusations of child molestation, with great upset from gay activists.  10/30/17 New York Times:
Kevin Spacey evaded questions about his sexuality for years, insisting that it was a private matter even as Hollywood gossip surrounded him. On Sunday, the celebrated actor confirmed what had long been whispered: “I choose now to live as a gay man,” he wrote.
But some of those who might have supported him were instead incensed by the implication that his sexuality was relevant to an accusation, reported by BuzzFeed News, that he had made a sexual advance toward a 14-year-old boy 31 years ago. They saw his coming out story as an intentional distraction from the accusation and a damaging conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia.
Now, his older brother describes their upbringing.  10/30/17 Daily Mail:
Kevin Spacey was brought up by a Nazi father who raped his brother and brutalized his family so badly that they called him The Creature, his older brother exclusively told the

Now, as the Oscar-winning actor faces allegations of trying to seduce Star Trek's Antony Rapp when he was just 14 years old and of sexually assaulting a relative of former US news anchor Heather Unruh, the truth of his own troubled upbringing has been revealed.
Spacey's older brother Randall Fowler, 62, described the current allegations leveled at his brother as 'disturbing' to, as he acknowledged he had been made aware of them in the early hours of Monday morning.
Read more:
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The article says nothing about Fowler's orientation, but the picture in that article of Fowler doing a Rod Stewart impression is three degrees too fabulous for San Francisco.  Did Kevin Spacey get off without injury?

11/1/17 Yahoo News reports more and more recent accusations.  Is everyone in Hollyweird an out of control predator?  No wonder they fund and vote Democrat.

Either a Very Good Fake Or Very Curious

Pretty Deep In You Can Hear Air Traffic Control Tell Airliners There Are Active Shooters on the Runway

Multiple Shooters Reported by Las Vegas Airport Control Tower! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

I can see how an ATC could be silenced after the fact by a threatened transfer to Nome ATC, but multiple pilots would have heard this.  Where are they?  Can we authenticate this tape?

Why the Vegas Massacre

A reader pointed me to this Mark Steyn explanation of this black swan mass murder:
Hold that 'hiding in plain sight' concept as we return to the shooting. This man amassed (rough figures) 24 guns in the hotel and another 19 at his home - 42 guns in total. He spent some $100,000 on buying them. The guns at his home are one thing but he also spent days filling his hotel room with more weapons and ammunition than he could ever conceivably use along with an array of advanced modifications and accessories.
Everything brand new. And very expensive. And mostly entirely redundant. Representing in effect an enormous waste of money and time and risk.
Except that is in the realm of generating massive publicity. Guaranteed massive publicity.
Yet despite having gone to enormous lengths to achieve that goal we are asked to believe this same man never troubled - never took the most elementary steps - to speak to that publicity. Indeed left behind no trace of anything that might demonstrate indicate or even hint at his motive or motives.
That would appear to make very little sense.
We would argue the opposite - that it makes absolute sense.
Because this gentleman did not simply fail to leave behind a motive; He took substantial trouble to ensure that no motive could be found - or attributed to him. All of which can lead us to only one conclusion:
It has been said that 'the medium is the message'.
In this case that is the literal truth. There is only one plausible motive for what this man did. And here it is:
This man wished to telegraph to America in graphic form the hard irrefutable evidence that guns and gun ownership and the ease of gun purchase in America are an evil and must be controlled. On that hypothesis everything now makes sense. And it must be said his concept has a certain demented genius.

Ultimate Amazon Dropping

It's safe to say marijuana is one of the things you can't order on Amazon.
Tell that to the Orlando couple who received 65 pounds of weed in a recent shipment, reports local ABC affiliate WFTV.
The couple, who WFTV said did not want to be identified for safety reasons, said they ordered plastic storage bins. They received the bins, but with the added bonus of 65 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside.
"They were extremely heavy, heavier than you would think from ordering four empty bins," said one of the customers.
Once they learned what was inside the bins, they contacted police. "When the first officer got here, she was in disbelief," the customer told WFTV.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Springer Spaniel Ears

Is there anything sillier?

Remember When Trump Tweeted About Where the Confederate Statue Removal Would Go?

10/28/17 Fox News:
Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.
Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.
“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome," leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

Once again showing how ignorant progressives are of history.  Of course, this is only a problem if you think ignorance is a bad thing.

You Are Perfectly Entitled to Refuse to Self-Incriminate Yourself

And without legal consequences.  And the rest of us have the right to assume that this is because you know you have broken the law.  10/18/17 Bloomberg Politics:
Two executives of a firm that helped produce an opposition-research dossier that makes salacious claims about President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia refused to answer questions Wednesday in a private meeting with the House Intelligence Committee.
Fusion GPS partners Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, said their lawyer, Joshua Levy. He said they would cooperate with "serious" investigations and also claimed that a "Trump cabal has carried out a campaign to demonize our client for having been tied to the Trump dossier."
By the way, "salacious" fails to capture its lewdness.  It would not be fit for discussion at a San Francisco dinner party.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Para Ordnance

I have always found the double stack Para Ordnance pistols very attractive: the advantage of .45ACP with the capacity of a 9mm.  I was surprised to find a lot of criticism online of the reliability of the Para Ordnance pistols,  especially the ones made in Florida instead of Canada.   I was also surprised to see similar criticism of the Kimber pistols, which had always thought were high quality products.   Your thoughts?

No, I am not thinking of running out and buying one at the moment.  There are some higher priority purchases at the moment.

All Done With Copy Edit Phase

It was a long and somewhat stressful phase,  but I believe I am done with it.   In some cases,  I needed titles of newspaper articles for the bibliography,  which meant digging through the footnotes for the newspaper and date,  then trying to find those articles online.  Fortunately, 1830s and 1840s newspapers are easy to find online now.  Also a nice second verification step for those footnotes.

In a few weeks I will have the galleys to check for typos.  Unlike the old days,  where these were on paper,  the galleys will be PDFs.  Then I have to update all the page number cross-reference (why we cannot use the builtin facility in Word eludes me ), then I get to index it--the least fun part.

Not a Deficiency, Right

10/25/17 NBC:
The Hearing World Must Stop Forcing Deaf Culture to Assimilate
Too many hearing people view deafness as a deficiency rather than a separate linguistic context, worldview and culture.
Not a deficiency?  Sad, unfortunate, short one very useful sense, but not a deficiency?  I have worked with several deaf people, and everyone of them would have been overjoyed to have normal hearing.   This identity politics stuff is just deranged.

Remember: Islamic Extremists Only Hate Us Because of Israel

10/28/17 CNN:
(CNN)At least 10 people were killed Saturday when a car bomb was set off outside a hotel near Somalia's presidential palace Saturday -- two weeks after the deadliest car bombings in the nation's modern history....

Jihadist terror group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility in a statement posted on a pro-Al-Shabaab website.
The most common victims of Muslim extremism are Muslims (so far).

When Democrats Admit It Stinks...

10/27/17 NTK Networks (who?):
Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said that the Senate Intelligence Committee is going to have to look into the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for funding the controversial Trump dossier during an interview on Thursday.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Panetta how it was possible that neither “the chair of the DNC and the Clinton campaign” knew about payments for the dossier.
“Well, it’s obviously something that the Intelligence Committee is going to have to look at,” Panetta said. “You know, knowing presidential campaigns, they’re big operations and somehow the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. And that could be the case here.”
Oppo research is a legitimate campaign activity, but this dossier, as I understand it was the root of the Russiagate investigation.

Not Big on Conspiracy Theories, But This Stinks

A laptop found inside Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite after he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history was missing a hard drive, a federal official said Wednesday.
Investigators suspect Paddock removed the hard drive from the laptop after he opened fire from his high-rise suite at Mandalay Bay into a crowd at a country music festival, killing 58 people and wounded hundreds of others, the official said.
One hard drive?  Or all?  What is a laptop without a hard drive?  Have you ever seen a floppy drive laptop?  I have when most of you were in diapers.  Imagine booting Windows 7 from floppies.  Why would Paddock remove it after he opened fire?  That is not something you are going to do in a hurry, and if he did that, where is the drive?  If you don't want lunatic conspiracy theories, don't release implausible claims like this.  As my posting about the JFK documents pointed out, CIA considered false flag terrorist attacks.

10/25/17 ABC News reports he bought software for erasing files permanently from his hard drive.  Why?  I would not buy such software because there are free programs to do this, but it certainly gets curiouser and curiouser.  Was he afraid his porn browsing habits were going damage his obviously sterling reputation?

Friday, October 27, 2017

The JFK Files are Positively X-Files

CBS Miami reports documents show CIA considered false flag terrorist attacks in Miami to blame on Castro.  This is huge.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Democrats Are Going to Regret They Raised Russia

10/24/17 Washington Post!
The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump's connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.
Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.
After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Washington Post: hardly alt-right or Trumpkin.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wondering About the Quiet

I am at the copy edit phase of Lock, Stock, and Barrel, where the publisher makes whatever changes are required to fit their usual style.  It isn't painful; mostly laborious to check every change.  It keeps me busy, however.

A Letter to Rep. Labrador

I know DACA is a hot topic for Congress.  Let me suggest an easy way to defuse it.  Currently, those serving in our armed forces are given an accelerated path to U.S. citizenship, allowing citizenship at the end of Basic Training.  This still requires lawful permanent residency.  Why not extend this to the DACAs?  If you are willing to risk life, limb, and extreme boredom serving our country, you have established a very strong attachment to this country.  DACAs are overwhelmingly of military service age.

Drain the Entire Swamp From Orbit! It's the Only Way to be Sure!

WASHINGTON — Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are now the subjects of a federal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, three sources with knowledge of the matter told NBC News.
The probe of Podesta and his Democratic-leaning lobbying firm grew out of Mueller's inquiry into the finances of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to the sources. As special counsel, Mueller has been tasked with investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Manafort had organized a public relations campaign for a non-profit called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU). Podesta's company was one of many firms that worked on the campaign, which promoted Ukraine's image in the West.
The sources said the investigation into Podesta and his company began as more of a fact-finding mission about the ECMU and Manafort's role in the campaign, but has now morphed into a criminal inquiry into whether the firm violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, known as FARA.

The title reference of course:

Does Anyone Really Use Office 365 Outlook?

College of Western Idaho does, and it so slow responding to mouse clicks and keystrokes as to be nearly useless.  It isn't the connection speed; lots of other web-based email systems work just fine.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Doggie Door That Isn't a Cat Door

Looking at doggie doors that fit into the sliding glass door.  While the dog cannot jump the fence,  the cat can.   I know there are fences that shock a dog to keep it inside a particular perimeter.   How do they work?  Thinking whatever goes on a dog could go on the cat at the doggie door.  He would not leave,  but the dog could enter and exit at will. 

I suspect we would also find out how many doggie size critters live around here,  and in winter,  the house will get unpleasantly cold.   Are there any other clever solutions to allow a dog exit for necessary biological needs that adequately keep out cold and critters? Something that attaches to dog collar and opens the doggie door only for that collar, leaving it otherwise sealed for bad weather and unauthorized quadrupeds?

YUP.  PetSafe Selective Entry Pet Door.  Not sure if there is a slider version but where there's an engineer,  there is a way!

Monday, October 23, 2017

More Fun With Sleep Studies

The sleep doctor says I still have an apnea issue (central now) which needs fixing,  although the BiPAP is helping,  so another sleep study to justify the new machine.   I wonder if my insurer is going to survive me.

Jaguar vs. Inappropriate Battery Recycling

The dealer said there was a minor scratch on one of the plastic panels,  but no other damage.   I am not terribly surprised.  A car battery is plastic, lead, and acid.   Lead is the hardest part and that is not very hard.   With enough velocity,  it does not matter of course.   Think of a .05 caliber bullet at 20,000 feet per second.   Minor caliber,  but very little would stop it.   While a car battery qualifies as major caliber (I think), the speed I was going was about 60 fps.

Tommy Ahlquist

I keep getting fundraising calls from this guy's campaign.  I do not find any group that solicits over the phone.  Just saw his first TV ad, and I am not impressed.   Promises to cut state spending by $100 million.  This is not California;  is there really that much fat?   His only example is to make state employee insurance self-funding.   Forgive my skepticism that this will not cause significant turnover and harder hiring.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Always Follow the Links Back to Original Source

BreitbartNews ran a story about an illegal immigrant being arrested for arson in the disastrous Santa Rosa fires.  It originated with Alex Jones,  who typifies "alt-right" or perhaps "alt-reality."  When he gets something right,  it is a red letter day,  and likely an accident.  He attracts people who lack the wit to recognize they are being played.   Why BreitbartNews grabbed this mystified me.  Never blog something until you get back to the original source.  If there does not seem to be one,  like the hockey stick contempt of court story,  it is probably false;  almost CNN level.

Nice Fall Colors

Looking northwest from the top of my property.

Winter Has Arrived

Looking northeast from the top of my property.

The Hockey Stick

I can find lots of conservative discussion of Mann's refusal to turn over the data used for hours famous hockey stick chart of temperature.   (It is proprietary, in spite of being paid for by the U.S. government. )  I cannot find any news coverage of the court finding him in contempt of court for his refusal to do so.  Why?

Tonight's Incredibly Vivid and Strange Dream

It is some sort of Tea Party really or similar here in Idaho,  and some attractive female legislator is making the car for an initiative to put a tablet in the hands of every legislator.   To demonstrate the value of this,  she pulls out her tablet anew had some problem getting it to start.  In a second or two,  the helicopter view showed dozens of members of the audience risking the stage to help. A little farther back,  enthusiasm to help causes so many people to jump toward the stage that a human pyramid accidentally forms.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Those Who Believe in Nothing Will Believe in Anything

CBS Marketwatch reports that among millenials  belief in God is falling,  but a majority believe astrology is a science. 

It may be that they do not know the difference between astrology and astronomy which is a bit better than thinking astrology is a science,  but still makes you wonder what they are being taught.   Remember worship science;  especially Sun signs and "the Moon is in the seventh house,  and Jupiter aligns with Mars..."

Cultural Differences Must Be Tolerated

The Daily Telegraph reports that a Palestinian man was found innocent of raping his wife because he did not know it was illegal in Canada.

Honest judge,  I had no idea carrying a handgun into Canada was a crime.  At that point, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse from the law."  This is one of the reasons encouraging purple from radically different cultures to come here is a mistake. The Democrats are going to love living in a majority Muslim society.  

Copy Editing Stage

I have reached the point in Lock, Stockand Barrel where the publisher is having me verify text edits.   They have added a lot of typesetting codes as well.  One surprise was that periods ending sentences have only one following space.  I thought this was a Microsoft originated change to the standard of two spaces,  or maybe book publishers do this because justification makes the difference invisible anyway.

Once we complete this task,  the next stage is gallery proofs, done in PDF, not on paper.  Book should be available in February.

Isn't That Where You Dispose of Car Batteries?

I was driving down State Highway 44 in Eagle,  and I saw a box? In the road ahead of me being run over by a truck.  Too late to swerve, I realized it was a car battery standing up.  (Not in a box at all. )  It made a horrendous noise going under the Jaguar but there are no obvious signs of damage.   I will have the Jaguar dealer take a look for damage on Monday in case I need to call my insurance company.

Not Just Better Looking, But More Efficient

According to a Fox News analysis of White House personnel reports, Melania Trump has significantly reduced the number of aides on the first lady's office payroll in comparison to her predecessor, Michelle Obama.
During then-President Barack Obama’s first year in office, 16 people were listed working for Michelle Obama, earning a combined $1.24 million a year.
This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700.

Will Conspiracy Theorists Applaud or Put Trump in their Theories?

President Trump announced on Twitter that he will allow the release of thousands of classified documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy after years of delays.
The unexpected move means the trove of never-before-seen documents are set to be released by the National Archives by Oct. 26.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Odd Need

A customer who bought a ScopeRoller set in 2005 needs a replacement set.  The plastic of the wheels is corroding away.  The vendors charges a substantial fee for tiny orders.  I found the third hollow pin caster I need on eBay; the other two I found next to a pterodactyl.  But there is a 3/8" to 1/2" adapter that I need to complete this 3rd wheel assembly.  Any idea where I might find such an odd bushing?  It doesn't rotate; just allows a 3/8" bolt to not slop about in a 1/2" hole. Never mind, found some in the Paleozoic layer.

Remember: Media Bias is Not Real

 Best of all, these fools do no realize that Project Veritas has been video taping these idiots for a couple of years to expose their dishonesty.

Those Horrendous Fires in Sonoma County That Left 40 Dead

Immigration  is asking the Sonoma County Sheriff to hold the suspect in setting the fires.  ICE are not arson investigators; detainer holds are for illegal aliens.  But this is California and a pretty far left county (too many billionaires and millionaires).

Utterly fabricated.   Apparently started as fabrication and then spread.
Part of wby I never believe anything from Alex Jones.

Not Sure How Seriously to Take the Free Beacon...

The campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) spent nearly $40,000 on luxury private jet travel during the third quarter, according to Federal Election Commission records.
Sanders, who has said global warming is causing "devastating problems" and is in favor of a carbon tax, made the payments for the posh private travel arrangements from his Senate campaign committee, Friends of Bernie Sanders, to Apollo Jets, a New York-based private charter company that is "dedicated to providing a luxury flight experience based on superior safety and exceptional customer care," its website states.
The campaign spent $37,567.53 to rent the private charters during the third quarter, which runs from the beginning of July to the end of September.